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Own versioning repo

SVN is great as a version control system if you have many developers and require a single point of authoritative reference point for everyone. But if you're working on your own, it could get cumbersome since for every project you'd have to set up a repo first and then you can commit stuff. What's easier, mercurial . How easy? hg init hg add * hg commit -m "First commit" And then the subsequent changes? hg commit -m "Comment" Need to browse the file changes and the like? hg serve -n "Name of repo" -p 8091 -p is which port it'd run on localhost from. So the command above should be accessed at http://localhost:8091/. For more reference go to

Using wget to browse offline

I used to do this all the time, but haven't done it for quite a while until I forgot how to do it. Luckily I found back the original reference here: and in summary the command that need to be run is: wget -m -k -K -E -o /home/me/weeklog