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Serving mercurial using lighttpd fastcgi

Fuh.. Finally after 2 days of searching and experimenting I've gotten it to work. For the fastcgi part of lighttpd you have to have something like: "/hg" => ( ( "bin-path" => "/home/dev/web/hgwebdir.fcgi", "socket" => "/tmp/hgwebdir.sock", "check-local" => "disable", "disable-time" => 1, "min-procs" => 1, "max-procs" => 1 ), Fuh.. That was where I was stuck with the most. For the rest just follow the guide at the mecurial wiki . As for configuring lighttpd authentication (very simple authentication at least :P) please refer to this article at cyberciti . Now I can get some work done.. :D

Finally some peace...

Things are starting to calm down now. Before this things were pretty hectic at OSCC and at home. Next storm in the forecast is MyGOSSCON 2008. There might be little tornadoes here and there till then but insyaAllah mostly it will be alright. On the lighter side of things, my Centro is back. Palm finally replaced the unit and it is finally back in control of my life.. :P But there are still things to do. I didn't keep my mSD card properly while it was homeless and now it's pratically dead also. So got to get me a new one. Maybe an 8 gig one.. ;) A man can still dream... Puasa is already into the third day now. Mmmm.. so far not feeling the pinch yet. But I do miss being able to slowly sip hot Milo when thinking about whatever problems I have to face. And also miss being able to eat whatever Muhammad happens to not finish and try to put into my mouth.. :) Have learnt quite a bit lately. Especially useful is the `netstat -tupan | grep LISTEN` command which would show what programs