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Yang mana satu pilihan hati...

Alhamdullillah.. finally I've taken the time to finally make this idea into a reality. What's the idea? Well... Aren't you tired of standing around for half an hour with your friends at lunch time and having this conversation? "Where to eat today?" "I don't mind. You chooselah" "No. You chooselah what you want" "Come on guys, make your mind up" "I've already chosen last time, your turnlah pulak" "I don't care whatever. Just chooselah" Or how about buying a car? "What color would you like your car to be?" "I think blue" "Oh wait.. red looks nice too" "Oooooh.. but black looks more businesslike" "Eh.. the silver is not bad" Or how about waiting in like to get circumcised? "You go first" "Nolah.. You're older, you go first" "Ehehehe.. cannot... his father is a big dato', he should go first" "I