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Ice Cream Sandwich on the cheap

My son keeps on playing with my htc phone until the batteries run dry. People can barely contact me because if my son answers the phone he doesn't want to pass it on to me. What's a techie to do? Why, get his son something else to play with of course.. :P So I scoured the low yatt plaza looking for something that would be cheap enough that if my son breaks it, I wouldn't mind, but fast enough that he can play his games on it. After searching high and low, the best I could find was the android pocket pc. It's basically just a very cheap android tablet that comes with a casing with a keyboard in it. Funny thing is, the keyboard is usb, the tablet only accepts mini usb (not even a micro usb) and so they also give an adapter from usb to mini usb. It costs rm 699 a pop. If it's still running by the year end, I'd consider that already as ROI. They claim the cpu is 1.5 Ghz and memory 1 GB. I haven't installed any diagnostics software to make sure, but the internal storage is 1 GB just by looking at the application management settings. It doesn't have a back facing camera to take any pictures, but it does have a 1.3MP webcam you can use to video chat or something. And it comes with a somewhat customized android 2.3 (customized as in it looks like a tablet interface, something like the original galaxy tab I think).

So I just had to do it. This morning I was already ready to try installing ICS on it. Mmmmm... manufacturer... none that I can find.. model.. oh err... damn these cheap things... How on earth am I going to find info on how to go about flashing it and all. Finally I just googled the build number, and I come to this gem of a post..

So basically the steps are, download the ics image either from:
build #1
Model 97FC
Kernel Version 3.0.8+ inet_dada@Inetsoftware #1 (without market, still has bug)
Build Number 97F1-D1-H2-H01-N412-20120105
- Momo9c ICS v1
Kevin Custom build 12
Model 97FC
Kernel Version 3.0.8+ inet_dada@Inetsoftware #12
Build Number 97F1-D1-H2-H01-N412-20120111
- Momo9c ICS v2
build #15
Model MOMO
Kernel Version 3.0.8+ inet_hxj@Inetsoftware #15
Build Number 97F2-D1-H1-H02-1553-20120113

I tried both the #12 and #15 build. Both seems to work fine.
After the image is downloaded, download the LiveSuitPack.
Run LiveSuitPack_v1.07.exe first,
then run LiveSuit.exe. (Yes, I did this in windows. Since it involves hardware, I would highly not recommend you try it in wine or something).
Running LiveSuit.exe will automatically run the wizard, if not click the third icon (the gears).
Click on "Yes",
then "Upgrade Mode",
then "Format",
then "Next",
then "Yes",
browse to the image you downloaded,
click "Finish".
Once that is done, there will be a progress bar but does not move. Now for the tablet.

First, switch off the tablet.
Then press the + volume button,
while keeping it (the volume button) pressed, connect the usb cable to the computer,
press the power button 6 times,
then let go of all the button. Fuh...
I had to go here to find out that.
Once that is done, the dialog box to confirm will pop up 2 times. Answer yes for both, and soon the progress bar will start moving.
Once it's finished, disconnect the table, turn it on, and there you have it, ice cream sandwich on the cheap.

Note about the build #15, it's in Japanese.
So you should first go to the settings page (flick the screen to the left to go to the pan on the right, it's the black box with control setting on it).
There choose the language options (it's the one with a capital A next to it),
click on the first option,
and select whichever english language you're comfortable in.
Then you can start playing around.
Both the build #12 and build #15 already has the market in it but I wasn't able to find the icon. What you should do is search for market, then you will find the market app. Install whatever you need.

Well, that's all for now. Time for me to keep on learning (playing) more about the ICS I've just downloaded.. :P


Anonymous said…
I know that this post is old but it's exactly what I'm looking for. I have this noname tablet too with android 2.3.6. My question: can I just pick one version and install it or do I have to pay atention on the kernel-version?

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