Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dream Come True

Ever since I was small (both in age and in size), I've always wanted to write my own games. The first game that I remember playing was digger when I was just around 7 years old. I didn't have a computer back then, I went to my friend house after school to play. Then when I was around 9 my father told me that those games were written using "programming" and that I could learn to do programming too if I wanted. At that time my father was doing his PhD at Warwick University and we lived in Coventry. And sure enough at the public library there was books for programming games. I was so excited. I copied them into the computer (my father had one at home then, it didn't even have a color monitor, just green shades) and mess around with them. That was how I started to learn programming. I cut my teeth on Quick Basic writing mostly text based games from books I borrowed from the public library. That was a long time ago...

But that have always been the dream. I've learned a lot along the way. Even picked up windows and directx programming when I was 17, trying to come up with something more than just proof of concept and that I can actually promote without feeling too ashamed at the final outcome. And back in the day, distribution has always been pretty hard. But now, with app stores and the likes, and phones that people play casual games rather than hard core 3d games which I can never catch up with by myself, I've finally produced something that somewhat resembles something like a publishable game. Introducing my first full game released to the general public, Space Diamonds.

Basically the aliens have come to steal your hard earned diamonds. Your friend Bob is working as fast as possible to save them onto your space ship, but someone got to fend them off in the meantime. That is your job Hero. You've got to shoot them aliens down and make sure they don't get away with the diamonds. It gets harder every time but you can do it.

So if you have an android device, with a presumably big screen (I think most probably the game won't work very well on small screens but I haven't got any device to test), please download the game and give it a whirl. Maybe you'll like it and give it a good rating and review... :) maybe...

Thank you... this is a dream come true... :)

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Unknown said... download the full free version for android

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