Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Getting postfix relay to work with godaddy.com

Alhamdullillah after days (and I mean literally days because each day I can spend only a few minutes on this problem) I have finally got it working. To set up postfix to use relay with authentication, just ask the oracle. But to get it working with godaddy? I finally gave up and sent them an email. And in their reply was my answer:
Username: Your full email address (i.e. person@domain.com)
Outgoing Mail Server: smtpout.secureserver.net
Outgoing Mail Server Port: 25, 80, or 3535.

And so first I tested the ports. After telneting the host and ports I finally decided that most probably would work best because the server response has the word 'auth' in it (I have no idea whether it's even relevant or not). Anyhow changed it my /etc/postfix/main.cf to use the 3535 port:
relayhost = smtpout.secureserver.net:3535

And the most important part is the username. It is person@domain.com. It is the person@domain.com you registered your free mailbox with. Not your login name to godaddy. Use the email address. And then run postmap, restart postfix, and viola, it is sending mail and those mails don't just get dumped into trash. Fuh...


~Ash~ said...

can u guide me for how to setup postfix mail server like yours?can i do it for home network,i'm using maxis broadband.i want to try :)

Abdullah Zainul Abidin said...

Actually even I don't quite remember. I just google it everytime I need it. But not sure whether it work with maxis broadband though.

~Ash~ said...

whats the different with virtual mail? coz i read a tutorial from internet explaining about virtual. url http://flurdy.com/docs/postfix

Anonymous said...

Here's a detailed how-to on setting up your /etc/postfix/main.cf file and using postmap to setup your username:


Blogger said...

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alizy beth said...

Settings Select the interface under the “Certificates” section that you want to have the certificate set on and then click Edit Pick the certificate from the “Primary Enrolled Certificate” drop down workspace login

Haiya ala Solah