Thursday, August 7, 2008

MyMeeting in the wild

Thank you cikgu for finally committing mymeeting into sourceforge and introducing it to the community. Even ccharles blogged about it. As one of the developers of mymeeting I really hope this would be the beginning of something great in the Malaysian Public Sector. It would be good if we could get all of the great people out of the wood works of obscurity and make the open source community of Malaysia thrive with life.


ejb said...

yay...way to go. Go MyMeeting!!

Abdullah Zainul Abidin said...

lol.. :D
Yay.. The best cheerleader has spoken.. :P

LinuxMalaysia said...

Bila mau commit. Asyik nama saya aje... Segan woooo.

Haiya ala Solah