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Virtual machines

I finally tried to give kvm a try on a core 2 duo laptop. And what great fun it is. :D Following the instruction from the great arch linux wiki , I installed the qemu package. Once I've done that I added myself to the kvm group: # gpasswd -a abdza kvm And then I loaded the kvm & kvm-intel module: # modprobe kvm # modprobe kvm-intel To change the new kvm devices to the kvm group I modified the udev rules (had to create the file) at /etc/udev/rules.d/65-kvm.rules: KERNEL=="kvm", NAME="%k", GROUP="kvm", MODE="0660" I downloaded some cd iso's to boot install into the "virtual machines". First I tried ubuntu. Once the iso has been downloaded I had to create a virtual machine image with: # qemu-img create -f qcow2 ubuntu 4194304 Not sure yet what all of that option is for but that basically would create an image named ubuntu with hard disk size of around 4GB. So I had to 'boot' that image with a cd (the iso image downloade

ZeroCD broadband modem

Just a quick note. Recently my father asked me to get a broadband modem to work again after I installed Ubuntu on his computer. The modem was basically a rectangular black stick. The only brand it wrote on it was CSL. And when you plugged it in, it showed up as a thumb drive. This was expected behaviour in Windows because then they'd click on the driver installation of the thumb drive. Once the driver is installed it would detect and register the modem. I had no idea what was supposed to be done with it to make it work. Untill I ran `lsusb` to get the vendor & product number. Vendor was 0x1c9e and product was 0x1001. And I actually googled THAT. And then I within those pages I found this gem . The post clued me into a utility called usb-modeswitch which can actually switch the modes of the detected usb device. A search of ubuntu packages I found a deb for karmic . Eventhough the computer is Jaunty but it seems the package works. I had to modify the installed /etc/usb_modeswitch

Mounting LVM on external hard disk

Uh oh.. Fedora laptop cannot start. Need to copy data out of it. Take out hard disk, put into usb external hard disk adapter and BAM!!! when you try to mount it says: mount: unknown filesystem type 'LVM2_member' Alhamdullillah there's google. A quick search and I found this little gem which basically says to install the lvm2 package and as root do: #pvs which would display the partition lvm, for example: PV VG Fmt Attr PSize PFree /dev/sdb1 R51 lvm2 a- 10.72G 0 /dev/sdb5 R51 lvm2 a- 26.31G 32.00M And then use the lvdisplay command to show the volumes like so: #lvdisplay R51 Which would give more greater details about your lvm: LV Name /dev/R51/home VG Name R51 LV UUID VfabJ0-E2hS-HLw4-3Swc-tnkm-SesH-fFxlUB LV Write Access read/write LV Status available And then you should use the LV Name to mount your partition. But... it didn't work for me.. a little bit more googl