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Code base to jump start flask-classy system

This post is just to announce my sharing of a source code base which can be used to jump start development using the python micro framework flask and it's excellent extension flask-classy. Do note that this code base uses the Ace Admin bootstrap theme. Please purchase the license for your use from wrapbootstrap or remove it from your source code referencing it. To begin, you need to clone the repository using mercurial: hg clone examplesystem Then you need to create the virtualenv for your system: virtualenv --python=/usr/bin/python2 examplesystem Do note that my example here is running on arch linux which uses python3 as the default python version. I suggest the above command to use python2 in your virtualenv because it makes things easier to migrate to systems using python2 (eg ubuntu, centos and others). The you need to go into the directory and activate the virtualenv: cd examplesystem source bin/activate Then