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Installing ftw.tika in Plone

I love being able to search in all the documents uploaded into plone. I keep on forgetting that this was an add-on and not natively provided. The latest add-on I tried to enable that feature was ftw.tika. To install it, first download the tika.cfg file from their github page at . Once that has been downloaded, modify your buildout.cfg with: [buildout] extends =        ...        tika.cfg eggs =        ...        ftw.tika zcml =        ...        ftw.tika        ftw.tika-meta parts =        ...        tika-server-download        tika-server [client1] ... zcml-additional += ${tika:zcml} eggs += ftw.tika [client2] ... zcml-additional += ${tika:zcml} eggs += ftw.tika [client3] ... zcml-additional += ${tika:zcml} eggs += ftw.tika [client4] ... zcml-additional += ${tika:zcml} eggs += ftw.tika Once that is done, run buildout. Then you can start the tika server with "bin/tika-server". Then you can s

Looking back

I haven't actually "looked" at this blog for quite a while. I write to it, of course, but that's mostly as reminders for myself. But today I took it upon myself to at least change the template of the site. And wow... so much memories flooding back. As I check back the links, even they have to change. There is no more, there is no more Just memories of them now. My first post was on Feb 9, 2008. Now it is August 21, 2016. That's a good 8 years later. Thanks to this blog I remember I left OSCC around July 28, 2009. Following kaeru to start off Inigo. That didn't last long for me. By April 2, 2010 I was already working at Logistic Consulting Asia. Doing reports in java for their internally developed system. And that stint lasted even shorter. By June 1, 2010 I was working at CIMB. And am still here till this day. Even my tools have changed somewhat. I barely do any PHP programming nowadays. Mostly writing groovy in great grails framewo