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When you have time...

Time management... How do you manage something which is not even physical? And you certainly can't put it here and there... All you can do is decide what action to take at certain time... So maybe it should be called action management? Never mind whatever it's called, there sure has been tons of literature on it. You'd think that we all would be absolute experts at it. But there is a very wide void between knowing and doing. And the successful ones are always the ones who are doing even though they might be lacking in knowing. Write your goals, then write your actions toward those goals, going from long term to short term. And very soon you'll end up with actions you can do here and now to reach your goals which might take years and years to reach. Write it down you so wont forget. Write it down so that you can focus. Write it down so that is your contract between you and the future you who might get distracted by other things happening around him/her. Have you written