Friday, December 27, 2013

Getting my feet wet with phonegap

Finally took the time to at least install and run phonegap. For future reference, basically I had to:

  1. Add the "tools" and "platform-tools" folder into my path setting
  2. Install package "nodejs" and "apache-ant"
  3. Run "sudo npm install -g phonegap"
  4. Run "phonegap create "
  5. Run "cd "
  6. Run "phonegap run android"
And if everything is dandy and up to date (I had to run updates for my android sdk first) you should be able to see 

After that it is just a matter of editing the files in the "www" folder created by phonegap. And once the app is all good to go, add the project into eclipse by creating a new android project from existing code and select the "platforms/android" folder created by phonegap.

Can't wait to poke more at this... :)

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