Monday, April 1, 2013

Latest read "Song of Ice And Fire"

As I have not written anything for a long time, let me begin by stating the obvious. I have not written any entry for this blog for a very long time. Then some things happen which is worthwhile to blog about but I don't get round to doing it. Then suddenly here we are.... Anyhow, recently I have finished reading all 5 volumes currently available in the "Song of Ice And Fire" saga written by George R.R. Martin. For those not in the know, those are the books which the HBO hit series "Game of Thrones" is based on. And I just love the "Game of Thrones" series. It is currently just starting the third season. So here's my take on what I think of the books. First thing is, I've always hated comparing books with their movie or tv spin offs. Usually I find that the visual medium used is inadequate to really bring the whole spirit of the book to the viewer. Sometimes some important detail is missing or modified to the point of ruining the whole thing for someone who has read the book. It could just be that I've seen the "Game of Thrones" series first before I read the books, but one thing is for certain, I loved it. Both the books and the series. When I first started watching the "Game of Thrones" series, I loved it. I remember very well how clever the whole plot was and how much I supported the good guys and loathe the bad guys. I remember the surprise, delight and disgust I've felt as the story twist and turn. And when I read the books, even though I know more the less the outline of the story, I felt it all over again. It was great. Second, the first book followed very closely the plot of the first season. But by the second book, there was a lot of details changed from the book to the series. The major plot lines are still there, but getting there was a little bit more different. I haven't seen the third season yet, so I have no idea how it'll fare. But I'm betting I'm probably going to be in for a bit of surprise still. Third, the books presentation is something I have never seen yet (maybe because I don't read enough). It is mostly in a Point of View format of the major characters of the story. And the story is big enough that sometimes some character make appearances in other characters story so you get to see both sides of the story. And not only that, by book 3 and 4, there were so many main characters, that book 3 and 4 is actually in the same timeline but experienced by all the different characters. Sometimes it's confusing as heck because you've forgotten some details before, but met up with it again in the next book. I just basically bulldoze through it and towards the end I finally get to piece it all together. There's still 2 more books in the saga waiting to be released. I can't wait for it to see how it finally ends. So if you're into fantasy novels, I can't recommend this book enough. You'll be hooked for weeks.

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