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Where has the love gone?

I am a bit late about this as I have only read it on twitter a few minutes ago, but the case of Hamza Kashgari really makes me sad. My heart aches every time something like this happens and I feel so sorry for the state of the ummah currently. The man said a few things on twitter regarding the prophet, and now it seems that his life might be on the line. It makes me sad whenever people make fun of the prophet, the muslims rather than teach how the prophet was really like and his contribution to their lives and in doing so makes them understand why it is so disrespectful to make fun of such a person, choose to collectively call for murder of these people. Early in the days of his da'wah, people made fun of the prophet in even worse way, they called him even worse things, they put trash in his path, they even flung camels dung and intestines on him while he prayed. But when he finally won the conquest of Mecca, did he do the same to the people who hurt him so? No, he forgave them.

Running Android SDK on Arch Linux x86-64

A funny thing happens once you've downloaded it. Running ./adb in the platform-tools folder will yield a command not found error. But it's right there in clear view. Why wasn't it found. The answer seems to be because the android sdk itself is only 32bit thus you would be required to enable the multilib repos. Follow the instructions here on the things you need to do after you have enabled multilib support, namely you need to install the multilib-devel package which would replace the base-devel package.