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Getting my feet wet with phonegap

Finally took the time to at least install and run phonegap. For future reference, basically I had to: Add the "tools" and "platform-tools" folder into my path setting Install package "nodejs" and "apache-ant" Run "sudo npm install -g phonegap" Run "phonegap create " Run "cd " Run "phonegap run android" And if everything is dandy and up to date (I had to run updates for my android sdk first) you should be able to see  After that it is just a matter of editing the files in the "www" folder created by phonegap. And once the app is all good to go, add the project into eclipse by creating a new android project from existing code and select the "platforms/android" folder created by phonegap. Can't wait to poke more at this... :)

The Future Of Gaming

I love playing computer games. It's what originally drove me to learn computer programming, I wanted to create my own games. Until now I still have very little success with that, but... I have learnt to program web applications quite well and earning my pay using those skills. And I love open source software. Ever since I started programming professionally, my main work OS has always been Linux (various distributions and all and currently on Arch Linux). I always install dual-boot because... hardware problems (some projectors and printers just couldn't be detected by Linux when I started out, that's mostly not a problem now) and mainly to play games (sure there was some open source games available, but apart from "Battle for Wesnoth" and "FreeCiv" I don't actually recall any games I've played extensively enough to be remembered). But recently the gaming scene in LinuxLand has improved tremendously, partly thanks to the Windows 8 app store like

Renungan PRU 13

Sebelum saya memulakan penulisan ini, saya terfikir samada nak tulis dalam bahasa Melayu atau bahasa english. Last-last, rasanya mungkin bahasa sama dengan nama blog ni, rojak je dua-dua.. tapi lebih kepada bahasa Melayu sebab itu golongan yang saya nak tujukan penulisan kali ini. Penulisan ini agak panjang kerana saya akan merumuskan hampir kesemua yang saya ingin luahkan berkenaan PRU 13 dan selepas ini insyaAllah saya tidak akan berkata apa-apa lagi dah mengenainya. Jadi sekiranya anda telah bosan membaca hal-hal politik dan PRU silalah berhenti sahaja di sini. Samada anda menyokong PR atau BN, we are still friends and I will not judge you for your choice. Setelah sekian lama saya mengelakkan diri daripada memberi apa-apa komen terbuka berkenaan politik tanah air kerana saya dapati ramai orang yang sangat jumud dengan pola pemikiran mereka apabila berlaku perbincangan berkaitan dengan politik, agama, atau kaum. Dan bertambah-tambah lagi apabila ketiga-tiga perkara ini digaul-gaulk

Latest read "Song of Ice And Fire"

As I have not written anything for a long time, let me begin by stating the obvious. I have not written any entry for this blog for a very long time. Then some things happen which is worthwhile to blog about but I don't get round to doing it. Then suddenly here we are.... Anyhow, recently I have finished reading all 5 volumes currently available in the "Song of Ice And Fire" saga written by George R.R. Martin. For those not in the know, those are the books which the HBO hit series "Game of Thrones" is based on. And I just love the "Game of Thrones" series. It is currently just starting the third season. So here's my take on what I think of the books. First thing is, I've always hated comparing books with their movie or tv spin offs. Usually I find that the visual medium used is inadequate to really bring the whole spirit of the book to the viewer. Sometimes some important detail is missing or modified to the point of ruining the whole thing f