Thursday, February 28, 2008

Shortcuts makes your life easier

Do you find yourself always typing long paths over and over again? Maybe because that is your project path? In vim the first command you do is :lcd and you have to type it in all the time? Here's a small idea that might make your life a little easier. Softlinks...

Make a directory on your home folder to keep all your softlinks. Make the directory name short. Maybe just one letter. I made mine s.

~$ mkdir s

Then make the link in there.

~$ ln -s /long/path/to/project/folder s/project

So now whenever you need to go there just key in:

cd ~/s/project

And tab autocomplete helps a lot here. Maybe you just need to type 4 keys (including tab) if you haven't got much links yet. And in vim? :lcd s/project and BAM you're working you're way to oblivion. Nice eh...

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