Wednesday, July 2, 2008

First thing to know

Hmmm.. I feel there is going to be quite a bit of change coming. Whichever way it is I feel there is a need for me to get my life together and start to be more organized. So what's the first step? Buy myself a centro of course.. :P

Haven't used a palm for quite a while since my lifedrive broke down about a year back. Guess what was the first thing I had to learn? Hard reset of course.. :D To do it on centro:
  1. Take out the battery
  2. Press the power button and keep it pressed while inserting the battery again
  3. Release the power button only after the palm logo has finished loading
  4. It will ask to press up to delete all the data. So press up
  5. That's it
So next, how do I organize my life with this? Still a lot to learn..

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