Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Some of you might notice that I rarely write about non-technical stuff. Most of them are just notes for myself actually. But here's a post that is a bit different.

kaeru introduced to me the book called "Time Management For System Administrators" and quite frankly it is a good book. And most of the tips are very applicable in real life unlike most "time management" ideas. But this week it has just been... emmm.. backfired, sort of. I can name at least two. The first one, my centro.

Oh my centro, what has happened to thee. I miss thy ever present memory of all things to come and needs to be. If any of you have been following my then you would know that my centro has kinda bit the dust. First it kept on syncing until it's batteries are dead. Then even when I have recharged the batteries it stays dead. Called palm and they want to replace my battery first. I know it's not just the batteries problem. After this they would have to replace the unit too. Why not just take it first already and spare me the agony of being centroless.

So how did the book idea backfired? Well.. one of the great ideas in the book is that don't rely on your brains to remember stuff like todo's and appointments and stuff. Reserve your brain for more important things. Our tools like pda's and organizers keep a better record than our brains when it comes to just making sure you don't forget. So.. emmm.. I don't remember anything. It's all in the centro. If I had another one it won't be much of a problem, but I don't. Seriously thinking maybe I should just get myself an old fashion organizer. Won't be as effective but at least it is waaaay more reliable. Palm.. oh Palm..

What is the other one? Well.. one of the great ideas in the book is make a habit of filling your fuel consistently so that you don't get caught with no fuel. So you should set a certain time when you would fill your fuel tank to full even if it's not really empty yet (it cannot be completely full of course). So you don't have to every worry about suddenly finding that you are late for appointments and stuff but need to fill up your tank first. Mmmm.. I choose to fill my motorcycle's fuel tank 3 times a week. Going back from work on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So today I went to KL to drop off my centro's battery at the drop off point. On the way coming back I saw my fuel tank almost empty. But thinking it would be alright because I'll be filling it up on the way back later, I didn't follow my gut feeling and went on with it. Guess what? On the way back right on the flyover heading towards Petronas at Precinct 8, my bike died (mmmm.. seems like my tools like to make a habit of dying on me). So I had to push my bike.. :'( Ohhh... the agony... It is the most exercise I've got since a long time. Pushing motorcycles is hard work. Lucky for me some guy saw me pushing my bike and came to ask what's wrong. When I said I was out of fuel he offered to push me to Petronas. So lucky me was pushed from behind all the way to Petronas. I am sooo grateful. I didn't even get his name. Not even his plate number. Once we're there he just said okay and went off. God bless you unknown stranger. God bless you...

But in the book there is also another tip. Which was, use mantras. Things which normally happen to you. Make decision early about it, and remind yourself to take that decision every time using mantras. So my mantra now is "if it looks like it needs to refuel, just refuel damn

Oh well.. So that's what I wanted to share. Nothing all that spectacular and it ain't going to win a bestseller award or anything. So thank you for reading, and thank you unknown stranger for you help. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Unknown said...

That quite a day! Now u need to do analysis! Be a compile...not an interpreter...:P

abdza said...

Lol.. :D
Yeah.. one of the output of the compilation is 'if it looks like need to refuel, just refuel damn it..' :P

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