Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tabs in urxvt

Finally had it with opening with so many urxvt windows, I finally googled for 'urxvt tabs' and found It is only a minimalistic tab (you can't move it around or anything) but it's all that I need. Just run 'urxvt -pe tabbed' and you're good to go. Press Ctrl-Shift-Down Arrow to create a new tab, Ctrl-Shift-Left and Ctrl-Shift-Right to move to previous and next tab. Simple.


Anonymous said...

You can move the tabs around a little - just use Ctrl+(->) to move the current tab to the right (tabs numbers will change) or Ctrl+(<-) to move the current one to the left.

To switch between tabs you can use Shift+(<-) or Shift+(->) (Ctrl+Shift+..., as you mentioned, works too) and to add a new tab you can use Shift+(down arrow).

My version of urxvt is 9.06.

Anonymous said...

And how can you delete a tab?

Anonymous said...

Oh yes... Ctrl + D

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