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Lesson learned

Sometimes I just wonder, am I an idiot or just stupid. Last night was so bad I feel I've got to write something about it so that I'll never forget and repeat the same mistake again.

Yesterday was my birthday, and my lovely wife decided she wants to take me out for dinner. When I asked where, she asked me to choose. My first mistake, I didn't decide something that I KNOW would be good. I'm not a choosy eater. I eat almost anything that's halal (almost.. things like tapai and tempoyak have a way of making me not really want to eat them.. :P). So anything like going to Nandos, Kenny Rogers, Pizza Hut, McDonanlds or even the Utama restaurant at Desa Serdang would have all been good. But I was undecided. Rather than picking something I know I like I said 'Why don't we drive around at Bangi and see what might be good to eat?'. And since she's adamant about me choosing the place she accepted the idea. Why I didn't choose anything that I already know I'll like? I have no idea.. Maybe wanted something different?

So anyway we ended up going to this restaurant called 'Selatern & Western'. I saw the shop around a year ago and it was pretty empty then but of course that shop lot just opened so maybe there wasn't much customers yet. But when we came there yesterday it was pretty empty still, that should have sent me a warning like a shot to the head. But did I heed that warning? Oh no.. I thought lets give it a chance... (maybe I'm just a hopeless optimist?).

Then when we decided to order my wife asked our waiter "What's the oriental squid?" and guess what his answer was? "I don't know. I've just worked here. Sometimes reading the menu even I don't know what's on it". I should have walked out there and then. I really should have. So after looking up at the menu I decided to order Set B (it was something like siakap 3 rasa, ayam goreng kunyit, kangkong belacan, tomyam) but the set was for 2 pax. There was 4 of us. So I said to the guy we want portions for 4 pax but only 1 fish. Lucky my wife persuaded me to go check out the order again at the kitchen because that guy didn't understand a thing and might have actually gave us everything double (including 2 fish rather than 1). So much bother. At that time the realization of my mistake started to dawn but I was too chicken shit to walk out since I've already ordered.

Then the food came. The food wasn't all that good. And the worst part was that the watermelon juice was already turning a bit sour. Uh oh.. My heart was breaking. My poor wife basically wasted her money completely. None of us enjoyed the food. Fatimah even threw up because she chocked on a piece of chicken (granted that's our own fault for giving her too big a piece but we didn't realize it then because we were kinda depressed by then). And by this morning we all had stomach ache.

What a night.. :(
Happy birthday to me.. happy birthday to me.. happy birthday damn lucky guy with a nice wife.. happy birthday to me...


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